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Elfsea Defender 2008

Elfsea Defender Home Page

Defender Activities Planned

Dinner at the Lyst Field

Ever get tired of moving your stuff from one place to the other during events? Ever just want to sit down right in your lyst pavilion and just have dinner there? Well, now is your chance!

Elfsea Defender is hosting a Dinner by the Lyst Field. Whether it is a group, a household, or just a group of friends or a family, everyone is invited to partake of their dinner at the lyst field after court. The waterbearers tent will be used to lay out a potluck feast for those who wish to show off their culinary skills. If potluck is not your style, then off-boarding is a great way to go. Bring your tables and chairs to the field and join everyone as we are entertained by a select few of our best bards and then enjoy the excitement of Valhalla's Gate, as fighters vie to kill each and every other fighter on the field. Rumor has it that there will be some opportunities to gamble on who will exit the field next, as the tournament runs. The evening's festivities will feature a raffle, and end with a halfla.

And yes, all of this, right from the convenience of your lyst field pavilion. So invite your friends, put out your best, and enjoy the evening as we all get to spend time with our SCA family and make new friends along the way.

Special Dinner Contest:

Baroness Ameline and Baron Armand wishes to hold a competition at the Potluck/Dinner at the Lyst Field. Come one come all to compete or just see who measures up!

Longest Meat Competition: This is a tribute to His Highness Gunther and the wonderful sausage he made for Laurels Prize and Twelfth- Night last year. Your entry must be cooked, however it does not have to be in a casement like sausage but it must be 100% edible, and be strong enough to hold together for a 6" drag across the measuring table. Baroness Ameline will have up to three tables covered in plastic for measuring use.

The Tallest Dish: Your dish must stand on its own in a platter that will fit in a square 2 foot by 2 foot taped off on the measuring tables. If weight is above the limit of the tables capacity there will be a platform on the ground to measure from. The dish will be measured from the base of the platter to the top of the food. Height extenders of no more than 12 inch can be used, and three extra bases no bigger than 12 inches around, they do not need to be eatable. Think wedding cake or bamboo skewers but you are only limited by the 12 inch rules

If you are a group, household or barony and wish to reserve space, please contact the co-autocrat Megan Flower del Wall at - Please give your name and the size of your pavilion, including ropes and stakes.


The competition begins at Sundown on Friday night. The theme is "heroes". It can be a song, story, or poem, original or not. If it is not an original piece, PLEASE make sure you give credit where credit is due. Plagiarism is subject to disqualification. If there is a fire Friday night, please come by and perform (more details later on this!). Please roam the fires and pavilions on Saturday evening and perform for the good gentles in attendance. There may or may not be a structured fire on Saturday evening. That depends on how the scheduling goes with the torchlight tourney and hafla. Once I know more about that, I'll let you all know. Basically, if there is a fire or a place to perform, go for it! I will also be walking the pavilions and performing, and you are welcome to come with me. I'll have more information on that as Defender draws closer. There will be a prize for the piece that best exemplifies what a hero is. I will be judging, but there may be a few anonymous judges so do your best!

Heraldic Display

It is our intent to have as much Heraldic Display as possible. Please go to work making banners and display them all around the list field. (more information to come)


Come one, come all!!!! Everyone who wants to dance, drum, watch dancing, eat, drink, party , hang out with friends, have a great time is invited!!!!! Please all of our fantastic musicians and dancers, come to the party! It is going to be a ton of laid back fun!

If you have a special dance or performance you would like to perform, GREAT!!! I will have my ipod sound dock if you would like to bring music on your ipod to play! (If you only have your music on a cd, please bring your cd player) Hopefully, canned music will not be necessary with all he live drumming, but even the best band needs a breather, no?

The hafla will be in the large 'wine and cheese' tent (it is colored maroon and yellow) near the list field following the torchlight tourney (or at the whim of the powers that be)

What? you don't dance or drum but would like to help the hafla is some way? THANK YOU!!! I will be needing ALL kinds of rugs in every shape and size to make a soft, layered, dance area. I will need help putting up a gazillion twinkle lights. I would love any and all pillows, cloth hangings etc to give us that cool 'in the harem' feeling that you would like to bring!!!

Any questions? please e-mail me @ or call me @ 817-300-4729.

Children's Activities:

Gather your children. Bring them along with your selves to Elfsea's Defender. There you'll find many wondrous things…including Youth Archery. We will be having a Youth Archery Shoot. There will be three age divisions; this is a great way to encourage the young novice archer. It will be immediately after morning court, so you must be prompt. M'lady Anika & m'lord Gavin will on hand to assist the young archers with stance and scores.Lord Daniel will be our Marshal and I, Lady Meriyan will be the List Mistress. We will have limited amount of loaner gear, for use. Children must have a guardian/adult present to shoot.